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Sound & Breath Charity Meditation - for Self-Care and Mood Management

Sunday 15 July, 3-4:30pm
Venue: Basic Essence, #04-04 Cluny Court, 501 Bukit Timah Road


All Donations Accepted with Gratitude, which go to Over-The-Rainbow to benefit Youth Mental Wellness.

With the hectic lifestyles of the modern world and the rise of anxiety and depression, it is imperative for us to take charge of our wellbeing and learn to manage negative emotions healthily.

Learn to harness your emotions and state of mind with a few simple breath exercises and experience sound meditation with tibetan singing bowls and live instruments to ease out stress, release trauma, emotional blockages and let the therapeutic sonic waves bathe you with healing love and light.


Sound Healing

Be open and immerse into the profound experience of Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls. Amanda conducts personal sound healing therapy sessions to help with chronic pains, balance energies and unlock emotional and mental blockages through the nurturing and healing vibrations of the singing bowls.

Available for 1 - 1 private sessions, group workshops and sound meditation experiences.



A safe and sustainable yoga practice is essential to balancing out the dynamic and passive aspects of the practice. Amanda guides her classes in her gentle yet firm demeanour . She teaches corporate yoga in offices and group sessions at Level Wellness and Yoga Heals.



Music Production/Performance for sound scape, sound experiences, sonic branding, meditation audio recording and music composition. 


KonMari Method™ of Tidying.


Learn with Singapore's First KonMari Consultant in Training. Holistic approach of working together to witness the transformation of your home, your relationship towards your material possessions and most of all, your personal transformation and clarity in creating space to invite joyous illumination in your space and life. 



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