October 2015: Overcome Fear and Embrace Change

The recent Super Blood moon Lunar Eclipse on 27th September, which was also the chinese Mid-autumn mooncake festival can be considered a powerful, significant and rare occurrence.

It is the 4th consecutive Blood Moon Total Eclipse in the past 2 years, ending the cycle Tetrad . It was also on my birthday weekend!

 If anything, it signifies the intensed built up energies that has led to this Full moon. It is the time of rising inner turmoil that has probably been unconsciously/subconsciously embedded deep in the darkness within us.  Situations in our lives are directed to this place of learning about this turmoil which could represent our old patterns, angers, frustrations and then to learn to let go of them. Change,transformation and a lease of new life will be facilitated from our deliberate, self-compassionate choices.


Full moons are known to facilitate the Letting go of things that don’t serve us. New Moons facilitate manifestation and what we want in our lives.


I am currently reading “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown and this cannot be more relevant a time. It directly addresses the heart of embracing, acknowledging our own vulneribility, working on our darkness, building resilence, and practising self-compassion, gratitude to overcome it so we could lead a happy, purposeful lives and contribute lovingly to our work, family and personal lives. I strongly recommend this book!

If you have some time , check out her TedX video:
The Power of Vulnerability http://brenebrown.com/videos/

No one is perfect, and while some of us could be perfectionists by nature, it could well be great for some areas of lives, but it could short change the value of living in the moment and embracing contentment ie. When to know it is Enough.

Negative emotions and traits are often boiled down to just one word. FEAR. Fear of being not good enough, not rich enough, not good looking enough, of rejection, of not having something or Enough of something. The chase is perpetual. Ego and pride takes over and cover the fears through negative behaviours.  

This is a time of shift, to open up to our personal vulnerability , to acknowledge some hard truths we are not comfortable with or negativity we have that has been hurting us or people around.  Embracing vulnerability is Not Weakness. In fact, it strengthens you to be more resilient as you are making friends with it.

We need to build Courage to face our own demons, and OWN it. Own our stories, admit our flaws (coz no one is perfect) and lovingly ask the Universe/God to grant you strength and courage to overcome it.  Once we start putting blame on people and environment, we are regressing.  We make our own choices. And Change is being catalysed by progressively making choices into the direction we would want to head to.

It is a time of letting go and integrating our lessons learnt start to embrace changes.

Fear is going to be like the devils advocate once we are stepping out of our comfort zone . Fear of the unknown, unchartered territory as we are all programmed to be just living in “comfort” of a status quo.

Be courageous, take a bold step forward. TRUST THE PROCESS.

 “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren't always comfortable, but they're never weakness.” – Dr. Brene Brown

 It has been a very challenging year thus far in various aspects. I am deeply thankful how my yoga practice has always been the grounding force to my spiritual being. Lessons have been learnt and one of the most important aspect to embrace growth is Self Love and Self Compassion. When we are truly being compassionate and loving to our self, can be be authentically showing up to the people and world around us despite what is going on.

 “To love ourselves and support each other in the process of becoming real is perhaps the greatest single act of daring greatly.” – Dr Brene Brown

 What are some of the issues that are surfacing from underneath? What are the emotions and negative self talk saying? Perhaps, this a time to really face up to them, and not letting them hide under the carpet like before. Time to courageously seek out the darkness, and the light will come through the love that you can give.

 In yoga, we practice ahimsa ( Non-Violence) and Satya ( Truthfulness). Apply Ahimsa to the way we talk to ourselves, if we find any negative self talk, treat it with care and love. Be willing to accept the hard truths, stay true to your quest in your personal goals and when care and love is showered, Growth happens.:)


Here are some affirmations we can use daily to Amp up our courage!



As much as this is a serious post, I do encourage approaching it with Joy and Excitement in facing the challenges and discovering ourselves . We are constantly evolving so don’t be surprised what u used to think has changed. And what you think now might change next time too!



Love and Light,

Amanda aka Yogalingini


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