August 2015: Beat The Heat with These 2 Cooling Pranayamas and Thirst Quenching Tips

Feeling drained from the heat? Or Feeling agitated and heaty?
It is no doubt when it comes to this part of the year on the sunny island of Singapore that we depend a lot on air conditioning and cold drinks to cool us down.

In the chinese TCM terminology, the body gets Heaty and in the Indian Ayurvedic terms, the Fiery element of Pitta is more prominent during this time of the year.
Tension headaches, heat stroke, fever, cold, mood agitation would probably be high on the list now , keeping you on the edge as stress levels rise like the heat.

Here are 2 cooling pranayamas thirst quenchers to keep cool and carry on

1.     Sadanta Pranayama

  • Start in a comfortable sitting position
  • Let the upper set of teet touch the lower set of teeth
  •  Keep the tip of the tongue just behind the teeth
  • Inhale through the crevices of the teeth and slowly feel the cool air moving slowly and continuously into the mouth, down the throat and into the lungs. 
  • he warm air is exhaled out slowly through both the nostrils. Feel the warmth of the exhaled air.
  •  Repeat 8-9 rounds to experience full benefits. 

Remember those days when we were young and we liked to challenge each other in who could roll their tongues ?

Well there’s finally a use of it!

This is a little more challenging cooling breathwork to have fun with.

  Sitali Pranayama

  • Start in a comfortable sitting position
  • Curl the tongue so it resembles the beak of a crow and partly out of the mouth.
  • Slowly inhale air through the beak and feel the cool air passing down the throat into the lungs
  • Slowly exhale through the nostrils, feeling the movement of warm air all the way up from the lungs through the throat and nasal passages.
  • Repeat 8-9 rounds to experience full benefits


There is a multitude of benefits of the above pranayama practices.

Muscular relaxation and overall cooling effect
Sooth eyes, ears and purify blood
Quench thirst ,manage hunger
Sensitising of taste buds and mouth


  •  Prolonged practice can help with allergies associated with cold.
  • educe tension,stress and induce mental tranquility
  • Reduce Blood pressure and acidity in stomach
  • Helps with indigestion

Avoid if you have low blood pressure, cold or sore throat.
People with sensitive teeth, missing teeth or dentures should avoid.
Generally avoid this practice during winter or cooler climates.

2 Nutritional Thrist Quenchers!


 I’m in love with the COCO!
Coconut water craze is on. It is nothing new on the shores of this tropical island.
Times have evolved from serving coco water in whole coconut to easily assessable cartons on the go. 

I remember as a kid and the fever came, my mom got me to drink coconut water, aside from barley ( another cooling drink) . All I knew was that it would take down the heat. 
Now being a wellness and nutritional geek, there's so much to celebrate about with the benefits we can get out of Coconut water!

Here are the top 3 benefits!

1.     Boosts Hydration, the natural way.
It contains electrolytes ( less sodium and more potassium than sports drink). Therefore a great go-to drink to replenish minerals in the body on a hot day, after workout, and even after episodes of diarrhoea.

2.     Cardiovascular Health
Studies have shown that the high potassium and lauric acid in coconuts  help in regulating people with high blood pressure, and promoting the increase on the good cholesterol (HDL) which help in maintaining good cardiovascular health

3.     Anti- Aging
It contains cytokines and lauric acid, which has significant anti-ageing, anti-carcinogenic and anti-thrombotic properties to keep cell production and growth healthy and minimizes skin aging.

 The next Thirst quencher is none other than Chrysanthemum Tea! It is widely consumed in the chinese culture, typically served in chinese restaurants or as a herbal drink with other concoction at a Chinese medical hall.

You can buy them off the chinese dried goods section at any supermarket. Boil some water and steep a handful of them and drain the flowers out.
Drink it on its own hot or cold. Or add honey :)

Here are top 3 benefits of Chrysanthemum tea

1.     Natural coolant
Widely used since the ancient chinese days of chinese medicinal science, it helps to lower body temperature during heatstroke fever or headaches.

2.     Relieves head colds and sinuses
It has high amounts of Vitamin C and possess anti viral properties to help in relieving colds and sinuses resulting from a viral infection

3.     Detoxification
It detoxifies the liver and helps reduce high cholesterol.

Hope this gives great tips on the convenient ways to keep us cool in the hot and humid weather. Till next post!

With Love,
Amanda, Yogalingini

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