November: Slow Down With Thanks!

Slowing it down.....

Year ends are always a favourite time. The cool rainy weather sets in, perhaps travel plans are in the pipeline and more time to allow the years worth of activities wind down little. Although for some industries and individuals like myself, it can get busy! 

Either way, taking some time to allow our senses to quieten down brings us better perspective as we close the year in reflection.

What are some of the ways or activities that you can do to slow things down and be in Self-Care mode?

  1. Practise Yin Yoga ( I'll be teaching a Mindful Yin Class at lululemon duxton 11th Nov )
  2. Read an uplifting book
  3. Go for a massage
  4. Avoid jam packing schedules
  5. Take a leisurely mindful walk and breathe deep 
  6. Soak in hot tub with essential oils and relaxing music
  7. Live minimally- Less is More 
  8. 80/20 rule.  Plan to work wiser around chores/work/relationships and life. 20% of effort into whichever areas that leads to 80% success. I believe if you can grasp hold of the “ Less is More” concept and apply/Live it, this 80/20 concept becomes a lot more doable because one can already identify and recognise what are the areas that can be emphasised, which can bring most abundance or happiness. One can eliminate tasks or activities that don’t create enough value. Quality over quantity!
  9. Take time off each day and meditate on Gratitude for 5 mins!

One year ago I wrote about A gratitude practice “Count Your Blessings”......... 

How many of you actually count your blessings in daily life regularly upon waking and before sleeping? 

Gratitude and Love are really the highest forms of vibration that can shower us with much blessings and health. Though easier said than done. Stress is all created by the mind. When thoughts of gratitude takes place in the mind regularly, it can kick some ass by bringing light to stressful, negative thoughts. It doesn't make our problems go away for sure, but it allows us to see things from a different pair of eyes. It can give clarity and composure to our state of mind. 

Upon reflection in this past year with my personal gratitude practice, I’m really surprised how things, mindset and circumstances have shifted quite remarkably. Call it Law of Attraction.

New perspectives, opportunities have opened up in abundance. I have and am still working on letting go of some old false beliefs that prevented me from my life's journey. In the process of acceptance and letting go, comes freedom of being. 

Everything starts to make sense . Everything and anything isn’t by chance. Lessons are put in place for learning and growth. 

This month, I embark on a personal journey as an apprentice to my teacher/mentor Akiko at Shima Healing for the year of 2016/2017. I am thoroughly excited to be travelling to Koh Yao Noi, Thailand intermittently to learn and be of service to the healing centre, working on some programs and retreats, while helping out with her charity project on the island. I am really thankful to be fortunate enough to be creating life work through my passions. 

I will be also hosting more singing bowl workshops and sound sessions in Singapore with the Singapore team to spread this Sound healing modality with Tibetan Singing Bowls. 

Sonic Flow™ is picking up with the monthly pop ups at various spaces and I’m so happy and thankful that I’ve been working with people that resonate the same way! 

Last month was conducted at Palm Ave Float Club where some participants are able to try the float for the first time together with Sonic Flow. It has been so lovely hearing the feedback ! I've started experimenting with some sound recordings with the bowls, while on an intensive 22-week Audio Production course for Sound Healing with renowned recording engineer, David Gibson. 

The best of both worlds for me. Can't be more thankful than ever!


If you have not attended Sonic Flow™,  this month’s session will be held at the beautiful Yoga Seeds Green Room @Aramsa!  

May you have a wonderful November!


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