December 2016: Tis' The Season..To Celebrate

Sunrise Yoga Class at Koh Yao Noi, November 2016.

Sunrise Yoga Class at Koh Yao Noi, November 2016.

I've been pretty swarmed with homework and geeky research so this would be quite a short entry for the final month of 2016. 

Seriously where did all the months go this year? 

I hope everyone had a fulfilling year!




Reflecting back, I am thankful and happy that I have made this year really productive. Doing Less ( being selective with what I’d like to get involved in) allowed me to have ample time doing More things that are meaningful and the opportunity to dwell deeper into various interests. 

Through these pursuits, I have met many many wonderful people from all walks of life that resonate and/or in similar journey. So many new beautiful friendships formed that are built on trust, love ,openness, support and spirituality . Whenever I feel a pinch of doubt or having a crappy day, I just think about all these connections I’ve made, and it does give that boost to push further. 

Maybe this is all about growing older and maturing or perhaps I just have an old soul. I value and enjoy engaging in conversations about wellness and the kinks on sound and yoga therapy. It’s just too mind-blowing not to share it with the world! So next time if we cross paths, do halt me if I am rambling too much! lol

Let's take a moment to celebrate all the achievements, struggles, tears, battles, frustrations and every little crazy or amazing thing that happened. Know that everything happens or not happens for a reason. Celebrate each baby triumphant step you take each day in your work, life and relationships. Self- assurance and acceptance is a start to many breakthroughs. Keep celebrating anyway!

Christmas is coming up and I love all the warming elements of the season . Eg. Warm spices, root vegetables, soups, scents etc.. 

So how about some citrus spice diffuser aromatherapy to fill your home this season?

2 drops Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

2 drops Sweet/Wild Orange Essential Oil

2 drops White Fir

Enjoy the aroma! Tis the season to be Jolly… Merry Christmas !!

May all your deepest desires and wishes come true and manifest abundantly in your life!



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