April 2016: Life in Balance

"The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life." ~ B.K.S Iyengar

"The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life." ~ B.K.S Iyengar

How often do we feel a harmony of balance with our body, mind and breath? 

Stress and anxiety, lack of exercise and various lifestyle habits may bring our bodies out of sync with our breath and mind. When our breath is imbalanced with irregular rhythmic patterns, respiratory issues arise, which would then bring about an avalanche of health ailments. 

Good breathing habits helps the respiratory and circulatory system to be charged up for optimal absorption of oxygen which contributes to healthy functioning of all systems within the body, voluntary or involuntary.

When we are able to harness the breath, it is a means to bringing a balanced mind-body connection into the present in harmony.

It is like riding the horse. If you are able to reign the horse with skilful control with ease , it would be a smooth ride. If you are unable to reign the horse appropriately, our breath and mind, like the horse, will be out of control. and sooner or later, you will be falling off the horse, falling out of sync with ourselves. The way one handle the reigns are like one is handling their breath.

Appropriate usage of breathwork into asanas can be challenging especially balancing asanas! Once mindfulness of breath control are applied while attempting the poses, one would move through success through the notion of effort vs effortless, precision, focus and determination. 

Approaching standing or arm balancing poses with light heartedness helps to lift the heavy cloud of self-expectation and over-achiever self off. When we try not to be overly serious about it and smile it off, joyfulness and lightness surface for this momentous experience.

Instead of going on about the world of balancing ( inversions, arm balances etc.. which I love to challenge myself with in my own time ), let's break it all down and start with the Breath. For without breath, we won't be alive to be executing the amazing poses anyway!

I live by the motto and belief that
Less is Always More. ( And it is Enough )

Balancing Calming Breath:
Nadi Shodhana ( Alternate Nostril Breathing )

- Calming and Centering
- Promotes balance between the two nostrils.
- Increases vitality
- Lowers stress and anxiety
- Beneficial for respiratory ailments
- Harmonises right and left brain hemisphere

1. In a comfortable sitting position, fold index and middle fingers of right hand towards the centre of the palm
2. Close right nostril with the thumb, Inhale deeply from the Left nostril.
3. Close the left nostril with the ring and pinky fingers and exhale deeply through the Right nostril
4. Inhale through the(same) Right Nostril, close the Right nostril with the Thumb and Exhale deeply through the Left nostril
5. This is One round of Nadi Shodhana
6. Repeat 6-10 rounds slowly .


What does a balanced life mean and look like to you? Are there any areas you feel out-of-balanced that you might want to visit, acknowledge and make some healthy changes to?

Approach with mindfulness, love and gratitude for each experience you encounter and enjoy the process!