May 2016: A Gratitude Reflection + Sound Therapy with Tibetan Singing Bowls

A Gratitude Reflection

I am really blessed and thankful to have gained clarity through my personal and teaching experiences in enabling the process of Integrating all of my love and passion into One, unified purpose of Uplifting Humanity. 

It always baffles many, how my life revolve around many different things at seemingly extremes of the spectrum ( eg. being in a rock band vs being a yogi vs tibetan singing bowls), but actually, they all are quite the same for me. 

I draw many similarities within the layers of yoga and music, and music broken down to its fundamental is, Sound. 

After all, the world was created with word of sound.

I am very thankful to have met many teachers of various disciplines along my journey in life and in recent months, a deep shift started to happen after taking An Introduction to Singing bowl workshop with my Singing Bowl Teacher Akiko Igarashi of Shima Healing.

I bought one bowl at the end of the workshop and worked with that for 4 months in my personal practice and in yoga classes. The amazing shifts started happening. My personal practice reached more depth than before, I gained a new perspective of the world and experiences with a sense of clarity and calmness, people were smiling in bliss (even more) after savasana, not wanting to get up so soon. The calming wave settled the busy and stressed mind. 

The Learner trait in me got really curious about this transformational experience and the ancient wisdom of the bowls. I signed up for the Level 1 course in March for a week in Thailand and the experience just got deeper and deeper. I met so many wonderful people on the same path and glad to have found some Singaporean counterparts!  We now keep in touch and are planning for a really really exciting and meaningful event coming up in July!

I was able to be more attuned to my intuition in what we call “gut instinct”. I tested my gut instincts out on various occasions and I have had lessons learnt about learning to TRUST my instincts more. I have since learnt to hear what stories the singing bowls “sing” to me through developing a discerning ear and understanding the nuances and characters of the sound waves. This involves in hours of deep research and reading together with self experimentation, allowing the experiences to feed me with wisdom from within.
Having an extensive and thorough background in music certainly made the process really enjoyable and purposeful too!
The role of Music and Sound for me, has repurposed from an angle of entertainment, fun and self-fulfilment to a healing, therapeutic and educational angle to serve and uplift people and their wellbeing.

It is strange how even having Tinnitus and some degree of High Frequency Hearing Loss, this is actually opening me up to sensing and hearing on another level. The Ting Sha's have been helpful in managing Tinnitus specifically. I have also worked on some of my chronic pains with the bowls and it has miraculously reharmonized itself from pain level 9 down to a 2 !

Everyday is a learning experience to contribute back to the practice, teaching, learning, living. I am deeply grateful for the doors that opened up, the great big hearted loving people I have met, the wisdom and experience from the bowls, the students/clients that I have and people that matter to me who have been very supportive in this journey.

Sound Therapy with Tibetan Singing bowls + Sonic Flow™

For the first time ever, I am elated to introduce my newly created Signature, Sonic Flow ™

Sonic Flow™ is a signature that I have created that combines the 3 (Yoga, Music, Sound)  elements that interweave each other in a seamless fashion. 
This integration enables the body, mind, spirit to resonate in a healthy, happy manner. Aromatherapy infused, it inspires a multi-sensorial approach to the practice and experience, being able to draw a more conclusive connectivity to the entire self. It is designed to be versatile enough to suit a group or individual session.

For a group session, It is facilitated through mindful yin yang hatha yoga flow followed by relaxing sound meditation with the 7 singing bowls.

For an individual session, It is facilitated through yoga therapeutics suited for individuals’ area of concern followed by singing bowl therapy with placing bowls on or around the body during treatment.

Im pleased to be able to debut the group sessions in various events happening end of may and in June and have plans for workshops too. Look out for them!

I am also offering Individual Singing Bowl Therapy Treatment for those who want to skip the yoga and go straight to the soundwaves!

Please refer to the MENU for more description of each of them and book a slot with me today!



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