September 2016: DIY Aromatherapy Recipes

Many have approached me after classes to enquire about the yoga mist I used during Savasana and what stuff is in there. :) So, because all good things must share, I shall reveal the heavenly recipe in this blog!

Aside from the Sound Therapy interest I have, I’ve been an avid Aromatherapy user since a tender age of 12, I loved geeking out at essential oil books , bought my first few bottles of essential oils at a shop in Tanglin Mall in 1996 called “The Essential Oil ” shop or something... 

By 16, my staple blend was Lavender, Bergamot and Geranium; A must have for those nights when burning midnight oil for O’levels. Bergamot was really one of the scents that kept me alert and focused due to its citrusy zing. Lavender kept the anxiety under control and Geranium balanced it out with its beautiful floral and nurturing notes.

Fast forward many years…..experimenting with various essential oils, my liking in scents matured, exploring woody, musky ones like patchouli, cedar wood, myrrh, Frankincense and sandalwood to name a few. 

It wasn’t until I took up an oil blending workshop with Alina of Abundant Earth, hosted by Little Green Dot that all of that love for EO came back. Armed with a better understanding of the oils, I have created specific therapeutic blends of massage oils, face oils, mist sprays, facial toner, aftershaves and shower gel! 

The blends are never-ending. I have various bottles mixed for, “Menstrual oil”, “Muscle and Joint oil” etc....
Check out for updates on The Art of Blending workshop by Alina. 
There are various DIY recipes available at by Militza too!

I haven’t used much commercial facial moisturisers for about a year and my skin has dramatically improved. ( Paired with a balanced and healthy diet of course!)
This simple easy and cost effective way is really great for those strapped with budget but would like naturally healthy skin without the effects of harsh commercial chemicals. 

About brands of essential oils.....

NOTE: Please only use HIGH GRADE Certified Therapeutic Essential Oils. 
Please consult your health doctor for any allergies in the safety of using EO's for therapeutic uses. 

After many years of experimenting and trying out various brands, it really is better to invest in a higher grade EO especially when you want to use it for therapeutic uses. iherb has some great offers on commonly known brands , but it really depends what you would like to use it for. Eg. I like using Rosemary EO from NOW to mix it with my all natural floor cleaner in the pail for extra antiseptic and cleaning purposes, but would most likely use better grade Rosemary EO for hair and skin use. 

I recommend supporting local brand, Abundant Earth or if you have more budget and like to explore deeper into essential oils and blends, try Doterra.

I have tried Young Living and Doterra with personal preference geared towards Doterra and its ethics more. I'm not big on the whole MLM thing but by being a Wellness Advocate, I get better deals with the oils for personal use. So these days I have a combination of oils from Doterra and Abundant Earth as part of my collection with some YL oils that I'm trying to finish. Robert Tisserand has been a long time favourite too. 

You can purchase Carrier oils like cold pressed almond oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil from They are much cheaper than if you are to buy them at the store here in SG. 
For the amber bottles, I get them at 
It comes in bulk purchase of 20 at a go so you can use them to create handmade gifts for friends/family! That's what I did last Christmas and everyone loved it. 


So here we go with the recipes!

Yoga Mist ( I called it 'Zen Spray')

60ml amber bottle with spray mist
15-20 drops Lavender EO
15-20 Drops Geranium EO  
5-10drops Peppermint EO
10 drops Frankincense EO

Fill the rest of the bottle with filtered water until it reaches bottle neck.
Cover, roll bottle between hands to allow oils to blend and let it settle for a few days.

*Peppermint is strong and cuts through easily, so use it sparingly. 

Face Oil

15ml amber bottle with dropper
10 drops Geranium EO
5 drops Frankincense EO
15ml Grapeseed oil

Cover, roll bottle between hands to allow oils to blend and let it settle for a few days.

( Geranium for balancing , Frankincense for anti-aging) 

**This smells soooooo heavenly!**

Many years ago, I fell in love with Como Shambhala's Invigorate Shower Gel after discovering it at a hotel in Thailand. I secretly kept a few bottles, asking housekeeping to top up more because I had "used" them all. hehehe!
When I was more confident in the blends I made, I bravely attempted to make my own version of "Invigorate" Shower Gel at home! 

Invigorate Shower Gel

250ml Glass Amber Bottle with pump
250ml Unscented Castille Liquid Soap

10-15 drops Eucalyptus EO
10-15 drops Peppermint EO
20 drops Geranium EO
20 drops Lavender EO


Add all contents , give it a good shake and let it settle for a few days and voila, step into a shower spa in the comfort of your own bathroom!I am really satisfied with the blend! Feel free to tweak it to suit your personal preference. Just be more careful with the minty oils. Always good to start with smaller amounts first.


Happy Blending!



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