January 2017: Happy New Year

2016 seemed to be really challenging for many, the world lost many talented and legendary music and movie icons, and in reflection, there had been lots of personal struggles along the way. 

I started the year with a lighted candle, taking a short silent meditation, compiling my wishes for the year for 2017 before blowing out the candle, allowing the wishes to be taken into the universe for it to resonate and manifest to the highest good of all. ( This happened after witnessing the Marina Countdown on FB as fireworks was choreographed to my band’s music. Surreal and grateful moment! ) 

I’d like to firstly thank you for the support through the year/s, whether a regular student, a pop in, or have come across any of my yoga and Sonic Flow™ classes and singing bowl workshops. I get inspired with each individual I come across with. 

This year is going to be interesting:

  1. Apprenticeship program starts for me at Shima Healing in Thailand. Yay! If you would like to know more about the Singing Bowl Courses offered here, hit me up! I'll be more than glad to help. 
  2. A lot more singing bowl workshops planned out with Shima Healing’s practitioners at Float Your Boat Therapy.
  3. Sonic Flow™ will commence again each month or bi monthly with some special collaborations this time round.
  4. I’ll be offering Self-Care Workshops that serve to empower you with accessible tools for daily self care through Yoga and Sound- Firming up the program and will be sharing the details in due time.
  5. I now provide private treatments with Singing Bowl Therapy at Float Your Boat Therapy. Check out http://www.floatyourboattherapy.com/soundtherapy.html  . You may book appointment through the website. 
  6. New class timings at Freedom Yoga


When I started blogging and sharing, I came with an intention to share more about lifestyle-ccentric posts that encompasses around holistic approaches and yogic philosophies with a monthly theme.  

I don’t fancy taking pictures much of myself or “selfies” /“poses” due to the introvert I am. When some people ask me why. It’s simply because it is not my liking to fuss around taking pictures whilst being a very private person. ( My family would know well that I hated taking pictures as a child. Lol ) 

Also, when I started my yoga practice 10 years ago in 2007, there wasn’t instagram and much social media to glorify yoga in a commercial and aesthetic way like it is now.
My learning experiences from Day 1 with yoga was more about internalising ,rather than exhibiting.

However I’d like to understand more about reader’s interests and choices for what makes them compelled to read further…so I’ve got a question for whoever is reading my blog or have been following:

What would you like to see me blog about?

You can reply in the comments below. I welcome any other question as well! 

I wish you much love, abundance, joy, happiness and contentment for 2017! 



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