February 2017: A Fiery Loving Rooster Year!

Image Source: http://selfgrowthseeds.com/wp-content/uploads/edd/2015/12/Heart-Meditation-4.jpg

Image Source: http://selfgrowthseeds.com/wp-content/uploads/edd/2015/12/Heart-Meditation-4.jpg

A wonderful prosperous Fire Rooster Year to All!

This month is packed with travel, study and learning new skills in new environments. 

As I’ll be in Thailand for a month long as an apprentice with Shima Healing, some classes will be stalled for bit so I apologise for any inconvenience caused!

Things will pick up March onwards with new offerings, classes, workshops and events.


For the month of Feb, I’d like to zoom in an focus on the theme of Love, Light and Compassion.

Often, our relationship with ourselves is the same as our relationship with others. How do you nourish love for the self ? ( I hope it's not through validation from external sources in the material world!)  For the more spiritual peeps, Do you have a routine or meditation that allows you to draw love and inspiration from your various faiths? 

Regardless of faith , here is a really beautiful meditation I’d like to share about drawing and receiving love from Above while bringing your loved ones into the heart of it to bless, love and support them. Including yourself! 

I invite you to take some time after work or before bed, light a candle or incense and try this out:

Heart Temple Meditation


Image Source: http://davidji.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Luminous-heart-300x240.jpg

Image Source: http://davidji.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Luminous-heart-300x240.jpg

  • Sit Comfortably
  • Bring awareness to the area of your heart
  • Imagine in your heart, a flame about the size of your thumb. Within this flame resides your heart temple
  • Notice this temple and the terrain that surrounds it. Gently sloping hills, gardens, trees, flowers
  • Notice the gently curving path leading to the entrance
  • Observe the details of the doors as you enter through it. This is your heart temple
  • Take in the layout, design, colours,the ornamentation
  • Become aware of the essence that presides over your temple. It may be Jesus, Buddha, Allah or any other supreme being that resonates with you. It may be something more abstract- the great spirit that moves in all things, universal consciousness, whatever to you feels like your connection to the Source
  • Take a moment to commune with this entity in a way that is nourishing and authentic for you.
  • Now, begin to welcome into your heart temple all those in your life you wish to bless,love and support. Your family, the children of your life, partners,friends, anyone you feel could benefit from this heart healing
  • As each person enters the heart temple, become aware of a light that radiates just above your head, like your own personal sun
  • Become aware of the other person’s radiating light, and as the two of you embrace your heart temple, feel these two suns merge. This person then communes directly with the entity presiding over your heart temple
  • Watch as this person is totally , and unconditionally embraced, merging light and love.
  • Experience this with each person you welcome into your heart temple.
  • Once you feel this heart blessing is complete for now, take a moment to bless the whole group as well as yourself.
  • As you feel ready, draw in a deeper breath and open your eyes.

Have you ever felt so big, happy warmth and happiness in your heart?

How about using that to connect to the people around us and help them in spreading the same feeling?

The world needs more Love and Unity even more during times of uncertainty and divide. May we be blessed with love, light, wisdom ,tolerance, compassion so we can bring this imprint out and heal the world. 


Love and Light,




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