March 2017: Island Immersion on Koh Yao Noi

Greetings from sunny and sometimes rainy island of Koh Yao Noi!

Immersing into this quiet and serene island has been really a grounding yet elevating experience.
No fanciful villas or tourist things. Just plain wooden kampong huts, simple thai food fare and the occasional authentic italian pasta and healthy organic cafe. 

The grounding tasks of doing administrative and manual errands, being in touch with the earthy elements balances with the uplifting element of deeper spiritual insight and development through the singing bowl experiences. 

The practice of karma yoga takes place each moment as I help out at Shima Healing.

When we humble ourselves to be of service with little or no expectations, we get to gain much more than we thought we would. I am thoroughly learning many life lessons and in a very compassionate, supported and mind-blowing way.

A Universe Made Of Strings. Everything is vibration and we are all really connected in one way or another. As they say. “ Your Vibe will attract your own Tribe” .. I see and experience it now how this works with the laws of nature in an intrinsic way :)


It is really beautiful to be surrounded by trees , flowers, plants all around the house. Maybe because I have lived in high rise apartments all my life I don’t get to experience the earthy elements of landed houses. 

Back home, I struggle with keeping plants as I always forget to water them and then they die. Boohoo....I’ve always wanted to build a small lil herb and veggie garden in the concrete jungle but lacked discipline in watering them everyday. 

Now, experiencing the beauty and abundance of greenery and herbs motivates me to become more attentive and appreciative to the relationship with plants. New goals to start small with taking care of smaller plants first. 

Plucking flowers, lemongrass/veggies to use for cooking makes me think why do I need to spend so much money buying them from supermarkets. 

It has been really a busy time with a gazillion errands to do each day but yet, the serenity and pace of life doesn’t make it stressful. It has been really inspiring and creating music seems a lot more in the flow! The people and villagers on this muslim island have also been friendly with their thai hospitality. 

I haven’t been using alarm to wake up as the morning roosters outside the room goes off at 5am-ish together with the prayers from the mosque across the road.  It feels really good not needing to snooze the alarm! 

I am thankful it is really cool at night and have been able to sleep without air-conditioning. 1 month on an island with no A/C could be one of the most uncomfortable factors for most city dwellers who needs a/c. But knowing me, I'm in the stage in life that I Enjoy Challenging myself in things I don’t like to do. Ha.

So… it takes roughly about 10 days for me to climatize to surroundings and be comfortable with the lifestyle. Ie. To live with insects flying every corner of your eyes each minute and the fear of them lessens each time I allow myself to Just Be. ( That also means to continually spray repellant like no one’s business!) 

I get to stretch out and have some yoga time each day.. but it’s so hot it’s just like hot yoga. Honestly, I have always thought Hot yoga can just be done without the heaters in asian countries; Just ventilate the room with a fan or 2 and the heat being built from within is a lot more powerful and meaningful than external heating factors. Save electricity !

Anyways, I’ll be here for another 2 more weeks before heading back home. Things are going to get really busy.. So much to look forward to when I get back . More super exciting news and updates to be released :) 

End off sharing a lovely card I picked that might inspire you to look within too. <3 

Take care, Stay Calm and Present and Be with your Heart.






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