May 2017: Staying Balanced


April was an amazing month of opportunities and connection of more and more like-minded individual! The good aligned vibes just keeps coming and I am in Awe with how the Universe provides and nudges you towards your potential. Amen!

April’s Sonic Flow™ at Palm Ave Float Club was wonderfully attended yet again.  I keep the flow fluid each time depending on how I “sensed” the crowd with a good balance of what my intended structure was. Deeply appreciate the support and love with each attendance! 

Highlight for April was giving a talk and workshop with performance for Esplanade’s Tapestry of Sacred Music.


It was over subscribed and was pleased to have seen new and familiar faces. This marks a new beginning for myself and fellow Shima Healing singing bowl team (Akiko Igarashi, Desiree Duclos and Kaori Tanaka ) as we focus on educating the public about the therapeutic wonders of the bowls and bring it out to the world as sound is everywhere that we can tap into and reap the healing properties of it .

I’ve embarked on producing sound healing music and been working with various healers and yoga teachers to produce some meaningful music for healing and meditation. This is a dream come true since my teenage days;  I wanted to create healing music besides rock music. I just intuitively knew that as a kid for some reason. Like I knew I wanted to use these gifts properly for a higher meaning. :)

April was lululemon duxton’s Anniversary and I provided a quote for them for a corner they dedicated for each ambassador. In case anyone missed this, it’s a question that I have learnt to ask myself about my purpose and reason for doing things.

I hope this question may inspire you to think about your own life purpose and gifts too! Once we reflect and align with this question, new possibilities and a frame of mind appears. Old self with Old belief systems that don't work fall off, and a New Improved Self emerges. The True Self emerges. :)
When we come from the angle of "How Can I Serve?" We strip away all our perceived self entitlements from our self-centred egoistic self and allow the compassionate, empathetic self to emerge.

Let's talk about this month's focus on Balance. 

How can we balance our overly active mind to be more calm yet steadfast ?

What does it mean to have a balanced yoga practice?

Is it all about leg and arm balances or inversions?

Is it all about the physical “ test your limits” approach?

Is it all about meditation and no physical practice?

Is it all in the mind?

A yoga practice to me seems a well balanced one if we are able to Grow from and with it. Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Energetically, Spiritually. ( Five Koshas). Of course a well balanced diet too.

It might take various forms; A combination of a good strong physical asana practice alternates with a passive yin style practice to complement , heal and regenerate. 
Adding in Meditation daily regardless of a strong or passive practice seems to be the best balance in my experience. 

There are days that we might want to push more than usual and days that we just want to chill , or just plain Lazy (which is ok at times! ). So physically the practice may vary. When we get into a physical yoga practice, the physical benefits boosts our mood and mindset through the dopamine and endorphins created. 

But what happens during those days that we don’t get a good “workout” to feel all that? Do we allow our conditioned default minds and emotions to take over? 

How can we stay Balanced and Consistent in our thoughts, mindset, mood and emotions that drives our thoughts, actions and behaviour each day?


Meditation is the medicine.  Not alcohol, food, drugs or any form of activity that becomes an addiction to fill the void and yet unhappiness still lingers.

I wasn’t much a meditation fan in the beginning as I am always restless , a typical Vata. I relied heavily on prescription drugs and alcohol to fill a void I was in but problems didn't go away, instead, they pile up and morphed into monsters that ate my whole sense of self and worth . I made a point to stop that and to allow myself to explore natural methods instead. 

I’ve taken meditation workshops that allowed me some simple practices to try daily but I didn’t follow through for some time until I hit another wall and decided to affirm my decision to be more committed to the practice. Active meditation like mindful eating , walking , showering and doing just about any daily activity allowed me to stay present in each moment. With this practice, the transition to seated meditation seemed to be more natural.

I still falter a little until I discovered how Tibetan Singing Bowls helped in Meditation through Sound.

It is the quickest way to allow the chatter in your brain to shut up. Your brainwaves entrain into a meditative state simply by just passively listening to it. No need to “force” yourself to think of nothing . Just observing the breath and thoughts, the sound vibrations naturally take over and relaxes the brain , mind and body. 

Nada Yoga, is a branch of yoga , The Sound of Yoga. It is a practice really , where the essence of sound vibrations and its quality impact and affect our whole consciousness. From the audible to the inaudible, to empower ourselves with Good Vibrations all over. If you understand the law of attraction and affirmations. Sound when used in the right intention , is the affirmation of infusing positive and healing vibrations into our system. After all, the Universe is created from Sound. It makes sense to tap into the Power of it.

For Example:
The Earth has its own vibrational resonant frequency. They call it the Schumann Frequency or the "Earth’s Heartbeat" of 7.83hz. ( It is currently amplifying and accelerating because of human consciousness rising in alpha and theta states). When astronauts travel into space, they are being fed this frequency into the spacecraft so they don’t feel out of whack or ungrounded in space living in zero gravity environment.

I’m hearing many people sharing with me about how they enjoy listening to binaural beats and singing bowls on youtube and they go into that meditative state, they are able to let that “go go go” mentality and impulses just relax and let be. 

There is a rise of the demand in mindfulness meditation in the highly stressed corporate industry. Sound meditation is just a variant of it and I see it as the Medicine of the Future. In the recent weeks, many situations have affirmed this and I’m really excited to be working with various collaborators in facilitating sound meditation.

Stay tuned as there will be many opportunities that I’ll be facilitating about Sound Meditation as a stand alone or with yoga as Sonic Flow™. 

May you all stay healthy, happy and in full of abundance of love and light!




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