September 2017: Preparation for 10-Day Vipassana…..

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OK.. so this is really happening! 

Since I made the decision to go for this and been accepted, there has been some form of anxiety around it from time to time as I think about it. 

I’m happy to be disconnected with the world, technology and just be with myself for 10 days.. However….

Sitting down for hours is going to be a physical issue for me especially with my hip issues and joint pains. I can get frustrated and annoyed easily as well.

But I guess that’s precisely what this 10 day is going to teach me… to “see things as it is in a non-judgemental way” Ha!

Attended the perfect meditation few days ago that precisely brings out this notion and has set the tone for the pending retreat on point .

“Quieting the Inner Critic “ - Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditaton with my dearest Desiree Duclos of Float Your Boat Therapy. 

You bet all the inner critique was coming out so loud in the mind it was screaming in my head and manifested in my body. 

I’ve been recently working on some issues surrounding the upper back and heart chakra area…. 

During the session.. the vibrations from the bowls penetrated to where my physical issue was in the left upper back.. it radiated upwards and out really intensely.. 

…some time after the radiating pain moved across the spine towards the right shoulder and out….  So much release happening physically and emotionally !

It seems that the 2 weeks leading to the retreat is filled with a hectic schedule and will prepare to lessen each day’s load few days just before I fly out. 

Here’s what my 2 weeks countdown to 10-day Vipassana meditation looks like:

  1. Cut down on caffeine!
  2. Plan ahead- Make a To-do list for tasks needed to be out of the way
  3. Schedule important meetings ahead of time and keep 3-5 days prior to retreat relatively free and easy
  4. Plan to have a day or 2 of rest after retreat to help slowly re-integrate back into life. Don’t over pack schedule right away
  5. Prepare to inform important people about being uncontactable and give emergency contact of centre management
  6. Spend some time alone each day in sukhasana and breathe … longer duration leading up to retreat…
  7. Don’t over think and drop all expectations about what you have read or heard about from other people’s experiences! It’s good to know some basic idea but let this be your own adventure into your own mind and being. 
  8. Be grateful for this Me-time and the courage to take this up!

Stay tuned next month for my review of my experience at the Vipassana Meditation retreat!



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