August 2017: Creating New Space...

There isn’t a more appropriate timing in Decluttering and Creating Space than the moment of Now. 

Through the process of decluttering, a new space is created physically, mentally and emotionally, allowing more clarity and capacity to invite the new. But before allowing the new in, the old and dirt within us has to be resurfaced to be let go permanently.

Many of my writings focuses a lot on facing up to your inner darkness and pain, decluttering, facing all the uncomfortable things we do not like about ourselves and those parts we are not wanting to admit. This is part 1 of Decluttering. Part 2 is about the New Space Created. Often, we focus on the life and things we want in our lives but realise how come it doesn't turn out the way it's 'supposed' to be and end up in circles. Perhaps, the space we live in , physically and mentally is filled with junk and stuff that we don't need and trying to squeeze new things in to a full trunk is just counter-intuitive. 

In a bigger cosmic way, there are Huge shifts happening in the Cosmos, human consciousness is continually expanding beyond the 3-dimensional realm. 

Things keep coming up to the surface for us to deal with as it seems the Universe has its way of just needing us to sweep them all up and start breaking it down so we can have a break through in understanding all the suppressed pain, anguish and emotional baggages .

It is now time and the opportunity to learn what lessons were put in place for us to Grow and Mature Spiritually. When we aren’t getting the lessons right, situations will keep coming at us in a similar pattern and we wonder why it always happens. 

It is not just myself going through it but many people around I know are going through some kind of crisis/shift/block/darkness that seems so heavy and sticky. 

It is a critical time to keep pushing on and perservere ,allowing yourself to have all the love ,support and guidance from light, yourself and loved ones. 

We are gifted with the gift of Willpower. Some might eventually choose to stay in the darkness for whatever reason it may be until they have learnt their lessons in this life and some might choose to recognise and honour the darkness and leaving it behind and head towards Light, where healing, love and deeper transformative experiences may come.

Some time ago, I had a meeting with my financial advisor. We usually catch up and share some insights to our life experiences before talking numbers and plans. 

We were sharing about positivity vs negativity and there was a woman who was sitting alone at the table right beside us. She suddenly turned to us and said : “ Sorry to eavesdrop and intrude your conversation but you were talking about negativity vs positivity and I want to know more because I have so much negativity around me I don’t know how to deal...… “ Before we could answer, she started unloading her whole life story about negativity at home and she kept asking in agony: 


"Why is this always happening to me?” 


I felt she was deeply hurting inside stuck in her own thoughts. My financial advisor friend and I almost in unison replied “ What about asking ‘ What do I need to learn from this?” instead?"

Sometimes a subtle shift in the way we phrase the words we think and say transforms the moment’s experience and meaning and opens up a new path way and direction to a path that we may seek our answer from.


Which question would you ask yourself the next time you hit a wall? 


Come by this month's Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Singing Bowl Meditation session as Desiree Duclos and myself bring you a nourishing practice in Creating Space for New Possibilities.


“Consider the possibility now that anything could happen. I’m not asking you to believe this, but only to consider that it might be true. Simply thinking this thought—that miracles are possible—does more to pave the way for your healing than you can imagine. It opens the door to a realm of infinite possibilities, regardless of what you have been through or what you are going through now. "
― Marianne WilliamsonTears to Triumph: The Spiritual Journey from Suffering to Enlightenment

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