February 2018: The Season of Decluttering and Embracing Minimalism


It is a standard practice around new year and the lunar new year to clean out the house, spring clean and declutter . 

Are you doing it effectively and consciously? Are you just Cleaning the dust away or truly decluttering and tidying/organizing and taking stock of how much you really own and ask questions like if you REALLY NEED them and be OK to part with the things that don't bring meaning anymore?

Some blogs and tips to get you inspired towards the Minimalist way of lifestyle of owning less and organising your home and life with the Konmari Method of decluttering to invite more Joy and meaning into your life.




Check out the trailer here and watch the full version on Netflix! You will truly start to feel more inspired!


In my fervour of becoming a more organised person, I have read Marie Kondo’s “ The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and "Spark Joy" , Konmari'ed my home since 2015 while embracing the minimalist way of life. My life has significantly became more organized with having the freedom of space and clarity.


Physical Clutter = Mental/Emotional Clutter. 

My life motto has always been Less is More. More abundance and joy with the things you want to do with Lesser things and baggages attached to materialism and consumerism way of life. More experiences , Less hoarding.

It is a surprising decision that I signed up for the Konmari Consultant Seminar in New York this April in view of helping people to start organising their home and life with the Konmari method infused with the dose of minimalist inspiration! Yes a new value added service I’d be adding on as I restructure!

Look out for more of these updates in the coming months!

So after Decluttering and sorting things, You may choose to donate preloved items and usable things or dump them in the recycle bins.

Here is a link that provides a few options :


Do you have alot of messy cables that don't work, old handphones/chargers/laptops and electronic stuff that you want to get rid off but don't know where to throw or recycle? I'm so happy now theres an effort by our government in providing these bins across the island specifically for electronic items.


Till the next time, 

Happy Spring Cleaning and Decluttering into welcoming the year of the DOG! 


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