March 2019 : Spring Intentions

It has been about a year since I blogged. 

It is an understatement to say things have drastically shifted. 

It has for most part shifting towards a better clearer direction. 

So in the midst of my journey becoming a KonMari Consultant in Training, I take the practice towards various areas of my life as well. 

I’ve decided to slowly cut down on yoga teaching so to focus more on sound healing, KonMari and various projects that has a combination of a few. Life just brings you to places you’ve never really expected.

In the start of 2019, I had a long list of “to do’s “ for the year. 

Till I got a double infection of Mycoplasma ( bacterial infection ) and Influenza A ( Viral ) . Life was forced to slow down for 2 months from the end of Jan till early March when I slowly started to feel better. The fatigue accompanying the flu was so real it disrupted daily life. 

When I finally went to visit my TCM to rebuild my immunity, he asked me what had happened in health and life that left my immunity in such vulnerable state to allow a double whammy of infections to invade my system?

I had to revisit what this year was all about and how did I allow my health to come to this state, inspite of my efforts in self-care.

I needed to switch things around, from a state of doing towards a state of being. 

Being able to accept that I can’t do so Many things all at once, as I’m getting older, I can’t be managing things like the crazy energy spurts I used to have. 

Being kinder to my own inner self. 

Being able to say NO to people and things, and it is OK.

There were parts of myself I unknowingly “neglected” in the past year that was only showing up in full when I fell sick.

In the 2 months that I was down and out, many lessons were learnt, I was also discovering and Learning newer ways of doing things. 

I wrote a Ebook, got it designed and learnt the amazon e-commerce model of things… 

And I’m really excited to start sharing things I could only share within a small group setting , towards a wider group, without the need to exhaust my limited energy.. 

Through words and intention! 

So what is this E book that I’ve been writing about?

I’ve got another upcoming post sharing a sneak peak of this !

Look out for it!



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