April 2019: E-Book - Embrace Your Vulnerability: Access Your Pathway to Freedom!

So it seems while in my year off blogging, moving through life, I was revisiting some of my older blogposts. It’s quite interesting to spot a pattern. 

My initial idea on blogging was along the idea about sharing the practice of yoga and a theme each month… Progressively I instinctively shared more about wellness, in particular, owning our emotional stories, themes of overcoming fears, facing up to the shadow parts of ourselves, embracing changes etc.. 

As I was experiencing these within my life, sharing them, wasn’t just about just voicing stuff out for the sake of it, but I realised, it can be a platform for many whom may have no clue how to navigate around their troubles , emotional issues and mindsets.

I’ve been blessed profoundly in life to be able to have time off to do lots of inner works of the mind, self, spirituality, self development modalities etc.. The more I learn , the more I thought I knew less, thus, the learning continues. But I also am able to grow as I teach what I learn. 

In the 2 months I was under the weather, other parts of life were crumbling down too, but perhaps for a bigger reason?

When we look at our selves and lives as a holistic connection like a wheel of life, each spoke of the wheel represent a different aspect of life, if one of the spokes broke or aren’t functioning as optimal, the whole wheel won’t be able to function as well, and if we neglect those broken parts, eventually, long enough, the wheel will give way, and crumble down too. Such is similar with our lives. 

We think we can compartmentalise our issues or parts of our lives well enough to function daily. However, as productive it can be for some parts of it, there is still an intricate connection to the way we function as our natural self, which will in turn influence how we are functioning in other parts of our lives. 

So how do we navigate around these issues?

*Drum Roll*

Introducing my first E-Book, Embrace Your Vulnerability: Access Your Pathway To Freedom. This is a combination of my own struggles, learnings, practices, and hugely inspired by my favourite Vulnerability and Shame Author, Brene Brown.

Sometimes we ignore our vulnerabilities thinking they are weaknesses that should be hidden in the closets . But little do we know how much strength our vulnerabilities can give birth to, the courage to embrace these weaker links, could be the very catalysts in birthing our paths to the freedom our souls been searching for.

This book is dedicated to all courageous beings walking in the path of awakening, healing . May all be living in their true power of strength from within!

If you’d like to support, please purchase a copy (or if you are lucky to grab the Free Version), and leave a review if this has brought some value into your life! I truly appreciate it! Enjoy!