Yogalingini is now Align Origins Holistic Wellness



It is to my excitement to announce that Yogalingini has changed its name to Align Origins Holistic Wellness.

Things have evolved and changed through the times as I took time immersing into the neverending learning and application of various modalities that I resonate deeply in. I am deeply grateful towards each and everyone of you that have been in my class , workshops, and some who have stuck with me through the years and witnessing each other’s growth along the way. 

It is time to expand and accommodate more , to be of service to more people, to integrate the new and old. To offer a new perspective and introduce new ways on living in wellness beyond just the physical practice of yoga. 

Thus, Align Origins is an integration of healing modalities and services such as yoga, sound healing, music production, decluttering, coaching,  while venturing into collaborative partnerships and promoting altruism in raising the human consciousness in a collective Us way , beyond the I's, Me's and You's. 

Why the name? The various modalities are mediums for allowing Re-alignment to happen within us, from physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. We are all born in purity as a whole happy self but may have lost our way in the course of life. Let us move, nuture, shift, relearn and align ourselves back to the root and origins of our soul for a happy and meaningful life.

Ps. 'Align' is a word play on the name initials too. :)

Here are some of the highlights in this new direction:

  1. Streamlined yoga classes in 2 studios
  2. Private sound therapy sessions with tibetan singing bowls at new space Ame de Lumiere Holistic Consultancy
  3. More sound healing workshops and soundscape experiences 
  4. Declutter and Tidy your Home and Life- Consulting and tidying sessions in the KonMari Method™ - Coming Soon
  5. More collaborative work and events with various wellness and creative partners locally, regionally and internationally( like the awesome Sound & Ground Telunas Resort Yoga retreat in June and other exciting projects lined up )
  6. A platform to create awareness towards various social causes to encourage a compassionate attitude and encourage paying it forward towards the communities.

If you are or know of any one within the creative and wellness industry that might be interested for future collaborations , do spread the word or hit me up! Super appreciate that. 

As the new website is still work in progress and will only be ready in another few months, you may direct emails to now onwards.

I look forward to empower and support one in their own life’s journey in wellness and personal growth through these channels I'm so blessed with, so look out for great stuff rolling out slowly but surely .:) 

Are you ready to ride the wave to another level with me?



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