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Embodied Flow Movement and Tibetan Singing Bowl: Freedom Flow

Have you ever listened so closely to your body that you started a dialogue? Flow in freedom and joy to create presence, connection and vitality from within.

With an open mind, let us embark on a freeing journey from movement, to stillness and deep rest, guided by Elaine Ho and Amanda Ling. Together, we cultivate the capacity to listen, dialogue deeper and allow spontaneous flow within our psyches and bodies through movement.

We bring our awareness to the present and indulge in full liberation through yoga asanas and embodied free-form dance; at the same time, rejuvenate and calm ourselves through meditation and deep rest in the healing and resonating vibrations from the Tibetan singing bowls.

This unique and mindful experience promises a rich and beautiful learning through the contrast of movement and stillness.

This workshop is for:
• Absolute beginners who bring an open mind and a genuine curiosity to the group
• Yoga practitioners who desire to expand their practice, up-shifting to a deeper and more sensitive awareness
• Meditators who desire to bring vitality and movement to their still practice
• Dancers, poets, musicians, artists and lovers of sound, movement and beauty

Mats are provided.

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For enquiries, email or WhatsApp/SMS (65) 8322 1251.


About the teachers:

Elaine Ho is a yoga teacher, Embodied Flow practitioner, mindfulness meditation coach, Kundalini Reiki master and owner of Yoga Tribe. Elaine is intrigued by the process of individual up-shifts of consciousness through practicing as a collective.

Amanda Ling is a yoga teacher, tibetan singing bowl practitioner and a musician/DJ. She focuses on the therapeutic applications of yoga, music and sound to promote and integrate the body’s natural healing abilities in restoring itself to harmony.



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* Please come at least 15 minutes before class for registration.
* Please be dressed comfortably in attire that allows for stretching and movement.
* Bring your own mats.

For all other enquiries, email or SMS/Whatsapp (65) 8322 1251.

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