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Inner Space Sessions: Sonic Flow™ with Amanda Ling

  • Palm Avenue Float Club (Lavender) 66 Kampong Bugis Level 5 Singapore Singapore (map)

You see, it's hard to explore alternative states of consciousness in Singapore. At Inner Space Sessions, we are all about exploring organic ways of flying. Enter with an open mind.

In this trip, awaken your mind and body.

Experience Amanda Ling's signature Sonic Flow™ sequence at one of Asia's best float centres. Move mindfully with a yin-yang hatha yoga flow, paired with Tibetan singing bowls. 

Ease in with a 60-min float before or after the session. 

Please register early; limited to 10 participants only. 

Event schedule:
7pm – 8.15pm: Sonic Flow: yoga (45 mins) + singing bowls (30 mins)

60-min floats are available at 5pm or 8.30pm.

Mats, pillows/blankets, tea and light refreshments will be provided. Just bring yourself and an open mind.

What is Sonic Flow™?
Awaken your senses with a combination of yoga, music, and scent. Amanda will play an original singing bowl composition designed to calm your nervous system, release blockages, heal and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. 

About Amanda Ling
Amanda Ling is a certified yoga teacher, singing bowl practitioner and a musician/ DJ. Acquainted with yoga as a fitness regime since 2007, Amanda realised over time that the yogic practice brought about greater transformation from within. Amanda advocates the practice of yoga to empower others to live to their fullest. She creates and ensures a safe, nurturing and sustainable practice environment through the grounded approach of facilitating a mind-body connection yogic practice in her classes. She seeks to share the healing and therapeutic wonders of a yoga practice together with the ancient art of sound therapy through tibetan singing bowls. 

How does floatation (aka sensory deprivation) work? 
Relieve stress, heal your body, and gain clarity. For an hour, you'll float effortlessly on Epsom salt water. Without light, sound, or gravity, your mind enters a deep meditative state, and your body reverses the harmful effects of stress.


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