Get Motivated to Start Decluttering and Tidying in the KonMari Method™ 
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23rd Feb 2019 10am - 11am ( GMT +8 )

You’ve read the book or seen the latest “Tidying up with Marie Kondo” series on Netflix that is a current hot topic. Are you inspired but can’t seem to get motivated to start or probably have started but got stuck halfway?

What is this Konmari Method™ really about? And why is it so imperative for us to understand and learn this at the time of our lives now?  Why has this method of tidying started to empower many lives globally ?

Join Amanda , Singapore’s First KonMari consultant in-training in this free online webinar as she highlights on the various reasons we have clutter and the true cost of them in your life and a glimpse of how KonMari Method of tidying may shift your life in ways you never thought of. 

Who is this for:

  • If you are Ready to Embark on decluttering and tidying in this method but feel uninspired to start

  • If you have tried the KonMari Method™ on your own but got Stuck Halfway, there might be deeper issues to Uncover and Acknowledge

  • If you are Curious about decluttering in this method and want to know How and Where to Start

How will you benefit:

  • Understanding Clutter

  • Uncover which area in your home and life is causing clutter build up

  • More Awareness of what might be contributing to the clutter and habits

  • A Deeper Understanding of the KonMari Method™ from a holistic perspective

  • Simple way to Jumpstart and Get Motivated in Decluttering and Tidying in this Method

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