We are all born naturally in a state of purity and at the highest alignment to our true selves. As we get older, we start to layer ourselves with various cultural, societal and familial conditioning and beliefs which may contribute towards emotional and mental blockages within our consciousness, resulting in physical health issues, trauma, unhappiness ,anxiety and depression. We become out of alignment to the truths of our being and act out from the “conditioned” self.

At Align Origins Holistic Wellness, we provide professional quality-based complementary healing services for innerworks of the body, mind and spirit in modalities such as sound healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls, sound and music experiences, yoga, decluttering and tidying consultation in the Konmari Method™, to allow release of any physical and emotional traumas and stories for deep healing to create space for new possibilities and positive healing.

It takes willingness, readiness and courage to be able embark on a healing journey in all areas ( physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). We provide compassionate support and guidance in full confidentiality through each individuals experiences and journey, empowering their health and wellness towards living a meaningful, purposeful and Spark Joy life.


  • Facilitating and guiding each individual to be aligned to their natural whole happy self.
  • Providing professional quality-based healing services in sound healing, yoga, music healing production and decluttering
  • Elevating music and sound into a new paradigm of consciousness. 


We provide the following wellness services :

  • Private 1-1 sessions ( Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls, Consulting and Tidying Consultations and Lessons in the Konmari Method™ )

  • Workshops/Events/Talks

  • Yoga, Meditation for small private and corporate groups

  • Soundscape Experiences

  • Corporate wellness programs for companies for team bonding and wellness activities

Other services:

  • Music composing and production for meditation and healing music

  • Music and sound curation for events/studios

  • DJ/Band performance for yoga, wellness and corporate events