Music Production

We provide music production services for:

- Podcasts

- Audio recordings for Meditation

- Sound healing music 

- Meditation music composition and production

- Sonic branding for businesses

- Ambient sound curation for studios/space

Who is this for:

1. If you are a coach, meditation teacher, hypnotherapist, therapists , course trainer or in any line that require you to record your voice for use within your sessions or training, we are able to produce high-quality professional recording for your digital needs.

Examples of productions:

  • Guided Meditation recordings with or without music composition

  • Audio books

  • Podcasts

  • Healing Music single/album

2. If you own a business and would like to create your own sonic branding ( signature logo in sound format ) to bring about a unique flavour , we are able to curate and create a bespoke signature sound to your brand.

3. If you have a wellness, creative studio or perhaps a venue exploring sound as a setting stage for experiences within , we are able to curate bespoke soundscapes for these experiences to immerse in.

Some of our clients: 

Anne Phey



Sattva Mind

Shima Healing

Universe of Sound Festival

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