Sonic Branding

2018: Shima Healing - Primordial Sounds

Sound Healing Music

2017: Love And All That Is Above












2011: V1K1 - A Techno Fairytale by Cult Director Tzang Merwyn Tong
Original Music & Sound Design









2008: Pulau Hantu by Esan Sivalingam
Original Music

2008: The Little Things , a short film by Bernard Siew
Original Music



2012: Jeremy San RIP , ICON de Martell Cordon Bleu 2012 Discernment Award Winner
Original Music



In Each Hand A Cutlass

2015: The Kraken Album

2014: Forgetting EP

2011: A Universe Made Of Strings Album


2010: “Limiters Of The Infinity Pool" Album by Pupil Manila
Keyboards on tracks "20/20" and "One, Two"

2009: "Closest Thing To Heaven" Album by Rivermaya
Keyboards on track “Ms Ecstatic” 









2008 : We Satellites Album






2006:  Hip City Album