Amanda Ling

Sound Healing Practitioner/Musician/DJ/Yoga Teacher/KonMari Consultant in Training

Holistic wellness is essential to living in fullness. It is this desire for holistic wellness that marked every step of Amanda’s journey.


Acquainted with yoga as a fitness regime in 2007, Amanda realised over time that the yogic practice brought about greater transformation from within. Being on the mat is like a space for self-discovery and reflection, revealing one’s strengths and weaknesses. It was through committed practice that Amanda attained awareness and empowerment from yoga that grounded her throughout life’s different seasons.

Being naturally hypermobile in her joints and having various structural misalignments from a young age, Amanda was always susceptible to clumsiness and injuries. Through the practice of yoga, she has learnt various ways on pain management and strengthening of naturally loose joints for protection and stability.

This led to her progressive study on yoga, functional movement and its application to daily life.

Through her interest and further study in yoga therapy and yin yoga, she believes the therapeutic application of yoga can prevent and manage many psychosomatic ailments that are caused by stressors in the modern day lifestyle.

Amanda advocates the practice of yoga to empower others to live to their fullest. She creates and ensures a safe, nurturing and sustainable practice environment through the guidance of proper alignment, posture and body-spacial awareness.  

Music & Sound

Amanda is an established musician and DJ in Singapore since 2003. Her passion and skills in music and yoga has led her into her specialised niche of combining these 2 elements of fluidity and dynamics to create meaningful experiences for people through music and movement.

She has been invited to perform as live DJ for major Yoga+Music Festivals in Singapore and smaller intimate yoga events. Her interest in the holistic aspect of music and yoga has brought her deeper into the discovery of sound therapy with Tibetan Singing Bowls.

She started her sound healing journey with Tibetan Singing Bowls after taking a few workshops from her teacher Akiko Igarashi, in late 2015. Her fervour in the continual learning and study at Shima Healing has led her to be in an apprenticeship program as an understudy with Akiko. She is currently a Facilitator & Senior Apprentice with Shima Healing.  

She is deeply inspired by the healing wonders of sound vibrations after experiencing some transformational shifts from within after working with the bowls. Her musical and yogic sensibilities serves as a great foundation and understanding in her singing bowl and sound journey. This propelled her to expand to her pursuit of an online Sound Healing Audio Production Certificate Course ( Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute, San Francisco), producing sound healing music . The learning never stops. She is excited to share and serve the community through collaboration in conducting workshops and events, raising awareness to uplift one’s experiences in a soulful and purposeful way. She is also available for private treatment sessions that are personalised to help with various ailments and wellbeing.

Singapore's First KonMari Consultant In Training

After reading Marie Kondo's " The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" in 2015, Amanda applied this method of tidying to her home and have found great connection to that method and holistic wellness. There is much joy, structure and simplicity that was ignited in her life. She was inspired to help others find that same spark through this simple, spiritually nourishing method thus she attended the consultant training seminar in April 2018 and is under rigorous training and well on her way towards becoming a fully certified KonMari Tidying consultant.


Life Motto: Less is More. 

Interests: Music, Travel, Cooking, Essential Oils, Books, Coffee, Chocolate, Whisky, Beer, Food , Science and Metaphysics, Spirituality, Personal Development, Minimalism, Sustainable Living.


Yoga and Meditation

  • Yin Yoga Basic 50-Hour Teacher Training, Yin Yoga in Asia by Victor Chng, 2017

  • Vipassana 10 Days Meditation at Dhamma Malaya, Kuantan , 2017

  • Yoga Anatomy & Therapeutics Series, feat Dr Bryan Lau (HK) Club Insignia, Singapore, 2015

  • Yoga Therapeutics & The Art of Adjustments Advanced Asana and Modular (18hrs) with Sianna Sherman Space+Light: Yoga, Singapore, Nov 2014

  • Yoga Therapy Certification (Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthan Yoga University,Bangalore,India) - Vyasa Yoga Singapore 2014

  • Advanced Yoga Anatomy And Biomechanics for Rehabilitation With Wynter Chan, Singapore 2013

  • Meditation Made Simple workshop with Yvette Tee Singapore, 2012

  • 5th International Yoga Conference on “Therapeutic Applications of Yoga” Vyasa Yoga, Singapore, 2012

  • 95-hour Yoga Alliance Childrens' Yoga Teacher Training- Global Family Yoga (Om Shiva Yoga),Singapore 2012

  • 200- Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training - Vikasa Yoga, Koh Samui 2012


Holistic Wellness

  • Licensed practitioner of NLP( Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Singapore, 2018

  • Sound Healing Audio Production Certificate Course - Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute, San Francisco 2018

  • KonMari Consultant Training, New York, 2018

  • Foundation Training in Compassionate Communication/ Nonviolent Communication - The Center For Nonviolent Communication, 2017

  • Shima Healer Within - Shima Healing Koh Yao Noi: Academy for Sound and Energy Healing, 2017

  • Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy Practitioner Course- Shima Healing Koh Yao Noi: Academy for Sound and Energy Healing, 2016

  • Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle: Issues and Insights - Vanderbilt University,, 2014

  • Usui Reiki Level Two Workshop Certification - Basic Essence ,2014

  • Usui Reiki Level One Workshop Certification - Basic Essence ,2011

  • Quantum Touch Level One Workshop Certification -The Quantum Touch Singapore, 2010



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