KonMari Tidying Lessons

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What you need to know about Decluttering and Tidying lessons in the KonMari Method™

1. The sessions focus on the 5 main Categories ( Clothes, Books, Papers, Komono, Sentimental Items) , rather than room based.

2. Holistic approach of working together to witness the transformation of your home and your relationship towards your material possessions. Most of all, your personal transformation; witness how this can help you work towards creating your ideal life as you create more space physically, mentally and emotionally, inviting more joy, love, gratitude and harmony in your life.

3. Each Session typically runs for 3-5 hours, making sure you are serious in your progress, targeting one category at a time. 

4. Based on the book The Life-Changing magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo. More information about the KonMari Method here: https://konmari.com/about/the-method/

Free Konmari Consultation

What is included:
20 min initial KonMari consultation
Video call on Skype
Action Plan

Konmari Tidying lessons

Introductory Price : $150 for 3 hours, $250 for 5 hours

What is included:

3-5 hours of In Person Tidying Session ( Recommended at least 5 sessions to complete 5 categories )
Tidy by Categories
Next Action steps to take


Additional Services

Virtual Coaching Session

Monthly Individual 1-1 Online Coaching 60 mins

These sessions will be conducted via Zoom or Skype, which include navigating and identifying your personal challenges in tidying and life situations, coaching you in developing your personal strategy and self-care routine. You will be also receiving email support in between sessions.

1 Session - $200

3 sessions - $450

Free Online Webinars

These hour long webinars with QnA highlights some key areas about clutter and tips to get started on your decluttering and tidying journey! Check Events Page for upcoming online webinars.


Workshops can be an interactive and fun way to learn about the KonMari Method and open meaningful group discussions relating to tidying in this method. Workshops events are listed in the event page. If you would like to host your own private KonMari Workshop with Amanda, please enquire within.

Please note these additional services are inspired by the KonMari Method and a personalised developed bespoke service combined with other forms of professional modalities, that are not the full representation of the method. 
KonMari Method™ virtual coaching lessons are not a substitute to in-person sessions. It is not the recommended format in which to conduct tidying sessions according to the KonMari Method™.  The designation of "KonMari Consultant" is awarded solely for home-visiting lessons.

KonMari Tidying Terms and Conditions

Please read T&C carefully before making a decision. An e-copy will be emailed to you for signature after initial consultation to secure confirmation of services.

Please read T&C carefully before making a decision. An e-copy will be emailed to you for signature after initial consultation to secure confirmation of services.



“It’s all about mentality. I found the whole process very life transformative after four private sessions with Amanda Ling. Not only my house became a perfect place for work, rest and gathering, which always sparks joy, peace and serenity; but also my inner self gained much more clarity in life. It helps me to be more present, and become much clearer about what I need, what I want, what I should do now, and etc. The KonMari method™ is much more than home stuffs clearing and re-organising.
- Yinuo Tian

"I did the Konmari Method™ of tidying with Amanda and I was intrigued by the difference I felt before and after the sessions.

I had a heaviness of feeling whenever I opened my cupboard but after two sessions with Amanda, it changed. I felt light as I let go of things that had negative emotions and experiences attached to it. I never knew that clothes and other items would have such a great impact on me.  Seeing my things organized and kept neatly is a reflection of how I feel within too.

When it came to my sentimental items, Amanda was extremely patient with me to take my time to let go of things I had to. For items that I was willingly to let go, she taught me to show my gratitude as they have served me for some time.

Amanda’s way of guiding me in the process of decluttering through the KonMari Method™ has definitely helped me gained insights into my Self.  It has paved a new way of taking care of my items as whenever I see them I feel different, I feel light, I feel I can handle my emotions thoughts and feelings, I feel in control with my life.

The biggest takeaway was not only to de-clutter my physical environment but my inner being as well. Amanda displayed how my inner world is connected to my outer world!  Thank You Amanda! "

~ Renuka ( Kaka ) Singh




Frequently Asked Questions


How long is each KonMari tidying lesson?

Each session takes 3-5 hours as we will use this time to go through the method thoroughly . Minimum is 3 hours and maximum 5 hours for categories with more volumes. You might be surprised how much time is needed to sort out and joy check each item you have in the categories.

How much does it cost?

3-hour Session: $300 ( Introductory Discount: $150 )

5-hour Session: $500 ( Introductory Discount: $250 )


Do you have packages?

Through our consultations and discussions, if you are truly serious in completing all 5 categories, a bespoke package can be arranged with limited time validity. 


How many lessons will I need?

The number of lessons depends on your preference, organisational goals, budgets , how much things you own , how fast you make decisions as we work and the size of your home. Homework is given in between sessions so that is a factor on how much you can get done in between sessions. It can typically take 5-10 tidying lessons to go through all 5 categories in an entire house or 3 lessons if you stay with family and would only like to tidy your own things within the 5 categories.

Will my information be confidential?

Yes! Absolutely! All your information, location and personal sharings will not be divulge to other parties. I value privacy and confidentiality and it will not be compromised at all times. If you have agreed to have your progress photos taken, they will only be shared on the platforms stated on the terms and conditions form which you will sign before we start our sessions. Other than that, everything is kept highly confidential. 

I'm not really comfortable with people going through my private things especially undergarments, private momentos etc.. So will this be ok?

Yes of course! What I'll do is to still verbally walk you through the method & process while giving some examples of what can be done with them and those will be your personal homework in between sessions. 

I live with my family, is it still ok to do that?

Yes. I suggest to tidy Your own items only. Shared items can be put aside and you may double check with them if they might want them or to mutually agree to store it in the manner that is agreeable by both parties.


Can i also Konmari my family’s things while I am at it?

No. It is advisable to have separate sessions with your family member/s as tidying through this method is a highly personal process and to an extent, an emotional journey. 1-1 format of the session ensures privacy for each individual to allow each of their own efforts to touch and impact their own relationship with their own things and the connection to their mental/emotional state in life.


Can you work with my children or my other family members ?

Yes. As above, seperate 1-1 sessions can be arranged with them to go through their own items in the same way.


Do I need to read Marie Kondo’s books?

It is not necessary to read the books prior, but I do recommend to read them in your own leisure time to fully understand the concepts, philosophy and practical applications to this method. It can be an inspirational read to understand how it can be transformational to someones life.


Do I need to buy any organisational storage items?

I suggest to leave buying extra storage at the end of completing all 5 categories. IN the KonMari Method, we try our best to repurpose existing storage boxes eg Laptop and electronic boxes, jewelry boxes, product, choco tins and boxes for use . Through decluttering of each category, you might find extra storage being created . You will have a better idea how much storage is needed once you have decluttered and tidied and make the necessary purchase then


What to do with my discarded items?

You may choose to give some away for donation, to recycle or dispose of them appropriately in your own discretion of time. 


If I am interested, how do I become a Konmari Consultant?

The very first step to becoming a KonMari Consultant is to have read all of Marie Kondo’s books and completed tidying up your own home in all 5 categories before attending a Consultant Training Seminar. You can find more details about the process on konmari.com