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Tidy & Transform Your Life: KonMari Method™ 101 

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Tidy & Transform Your Life: KonMari Method™ 101 
With Singapore’s First KonMari Consultant in Training, Amanda Ling

Do you notice how your physical clutter influences your state of mind and things keep piling up no matter how you organize or clean up? Imagine living in a space that inspires Joy, being content with a sense of peace that motivates you towards a direction in life that you desire. 

You may have heard about the KonMari method, based on Marie Kondo’s best selling “ The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up “. 
Perhaps you have read it, and gone through the process and/or may have lost some motivation or unsure what happens next. 

Join Singapore’s First KonMari Consultant In training , Amanda Ling , as she shares the philosophy, process and benefits of the KonMari method™. 

Navigate through the common struggles, misconceptions and the cost of your clutter in your life and Learn how a KonMari Consultant(in -training ) may help guide you towards transforming and living with clarity, freedom and abundance in your home and life ! 

Take home nuggets of spark joy inspiration!

Cost: $58


Amanda Ling is a holistic practitioner at Align Origins Holistic Wellness , Singapore's First KonMari Consultant in training in the KonMari Method™ of tidying and Senior Apprentice at Shima Healing. 

She provides professional quality-based complementary healing services in modalities in sound healing with tibetan singing bowls, yoga, decluttering and tidying in the KonMari Method™ . She provides compassionate support and guidance through each individual's experiences and journey, empowering and aligning their health and wellness towards living a meaningful and purposeful life. 

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